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Corporate Communications & Public Relations
It cannot be gainsaid that the foundation of any consumer relationship is trust and mutual understanding.

Very organisation or business exists for purpose of meeting particular need(s) of its stakeholders who include its customers, employees, investors, creditors and regulators. In order to succeed in modern, knowledgeable, competitive and unforgiving business environment and endear trust and understanding with its stakeholders, every business must strive to ensure proper communication with its consumers.

At Barizi Communication, we creatively deliver your communication is the proper contents, context and perspective and through fascinating and newsworthy content – bridging the gap between new and traditional media. In other words, we specialize in and partner with our customers to create a market acuity that inspires trust and confidence with your business and its products or service thus sustainable improving its sales revenues and long term shareholders’ value.

Corporate Branding

Every new brief provides us with a unique challenge; and how we respond will vary accordingly. This notwithstanding, our creative and experienced team, will assist you in creating and establishing world-class and unique brands, business names, trademark and service marks, profiles, websites, social media accounts, identities and reputations with your stakeholders including customers through appropriate and market oriented strategies.

For instance, we ensure that your brands and marketing campaigns are innovative, catchy, protectable as intellectual property and that the

tag-lines of your products, service or brand creates a linger in the consumers’ minds in order to create a buzz. We also ensure that your websites and social media pages have the right contents and that there are easy to use and navigate.

In addition, our Digital Marketing and Advertising team ensure that your corporate profile or brand is put on the highest pedestal on the online and digital world. We also enhance our clients’ and their brand’s digital or online presence through the management of their websites, management of news feeds and blogs, improvement of their visibility on search engines and other Internet tools and technologies as well as utilizing cross-media, local and international advertising campaigns.

Besides, we shall advise and guide your management team on effective online communication strategies, all geared towards enhancing their and your brand recognition and identity.

Internal Communications Management

In order to achieve its goals and objectives, every business rely on its management team and other staff. Thus, in order to achieve the desired result, a business must ensure effective communication of its mission, vision, objectives and goals to its employees, who may be different in terms of seniority, training, cultural and religious backgrounds and well as business segmentation.

As the old adage goes, ‘chain is only as strong as its weakest link’. Thus, it is impossible for a business to cultivate a culture of mutual trust and understanding

with its external audiences if its internal audience and particularly its staff do not understand its systems and procedures or belief in its mission and vision.

Internal communications must also be design in a manner that ensures compliance with relevant laws as well as management and business values. Besides, in order to grow, a business must encourage teamwork and a culture of sharing of ideas and openness within its various employees’ cadre.

At Barizi Communications, we endeavour to create and foster effective internal communication strategies between various organs and cadre of your business and its various segmentations. We also design, review and advise on effective internal communication policies and strategies between management team and other staff as well as between and within departments.

Online Reputation Management and Monitoring

With the advent of technology which has exponentially increased the speed and permeation of information – both positive and negative, both false and true – online reputation management and monitoring has become indispensable service for an organisation that care for its reputation.

Overt and not-so-ease-to detect blogs and bloggers, social media accounts can also easily erode a business reputation and brand which has been painstakingly build over many years though expensive investments in marketing and advertising.

At Barizi, our specialist team of IT and public relations professionals monitors cyberspace and the blogosphere as well as social media networks and trending topics, to ensure that your business reputation and brand is jealously guarded and protected.

Besides, deletion or demanding deletion of such negative information, we assist you in crafting appropriate counter-responses and posting its as appropriate as well as coming with effective cease and desist letters, online clarifications, web-posts or press release. If need be, we can also assist you in taking appropriate legal action against the offender be its reporting to the police, the Communication Commission or Kenya (CCK) or initiation of defamation proceedings.

Crisis Communications

Unfortunately, crisis, be there strikes, industrial strife, management fall-outs, litigation, parliamentary inquiries, deaths, disasters, calamities, are inevitable. Communication in a crisis situation present a greatest risk and might be a make-or-break it opportunity for your business.

Indeed, President John F. Kennedy is quoted as stating, “The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger–but recognize the opportunity.”

At Barizi, we are crisis management communications experts and our diverse team comprises of lawyer and communication experts will ensure that all information relating to a crisis is communicated effectively, to the right audience, in an appropriate legal context or perspective and in a manner that attracts public support or understanding to your course or circumstances.

We also offer advising training and advise to corporate client and their employees on develop appropriate policies relating to dealing with media and government authorities during crisis situations in order to eliminate instances of unauthorised communication or miscommunication.

Media Relations

In order to ensure effective communications for our clients’ messages, in good and bad times, we cultivate and maintain strong relationships with various media contacts and to ensure that the terms “could not be reached for comment” will never apply to you story.

Besides, at Barizi Communications, we work closely with media contacts to ensure publication of the relevant information relating to your business or brand, be it advertisements, press releases, clarifications, newspapers or magazines commentaries and interviews.

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