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Entertainment & Sports Marketing and Management
We represent the interests of artists, performers, composers, authors, actors, professional athletes, players and coaches...

We offer them customized advisory services ranging from contract negotiations to personal brand management and related rights. Our scopes of service include:

Brand Management

We offer a team that will be devoted to thinking about every aspect of marketing your brand as an entertainer, media personality or sportsmen/-woman advising you on what kind or types of corporate branding deals to engage in and the salient features and terms of those deals and what value addition these deals are bringing to the entertainer or athlete’s brand.

We can also assist you in managing and protecting your brand identity and other related commercial rights and benefits.

Contract Review and Drafting

Together with your or our external lawyers, we can work with you in crafting, review, negotiate of appropriate merchandising and/or sponsorship deals, profit share, recording, production, acting and licensing and publishing agreements and protection and enforcement of related intellectual property rights.

Talent Management

At Barizi Communications, we offer advisory services related to the talent management of professional and commercial aspects of renowned entertainer, media personality or sportsmen/woman. These services include management, enhancement and protection of their intellectual property rights in diverse contractual arrangements related thereto, including but not limited to, promotion deals, product endorsement and advertisement.

Intellectual Property Rights Audit and Commercialisation

Our offer intellectual property rights related audit in relation to commercial benefits that can accrue to entertainers, media personalities and sportsmen/ women. We also work with external lawyers on all aspect related to the use, protection, and commercialisation of such rights.

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