Welcome to Barizi Communications, your trusted partner in unlocking the full potential of IT for businesses in Kenya. At Barizi, we’re not just an IT service provider – we’re your dedicated collaborators on a journey to reshape and redefine your digital landscape.

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Barizi Communications
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Our Services

What we do?

Our Services

Software Development

Barizi Communications develops software solutions that meet your unique needs and solve difficult business and technology challenges.

Product Design & Development

Our expertise involves thorough product requirement analysis, optimal architecture selection, exceptional UI/UX design, and strategic feature prioritization.

Structured Cabling

Barizi Communications boasts skilled installers for dependable structured cabling design and installation in your connected space.

PR, Marketing and Crisis Communication

Our dedicated PR and branding experts specialize in building and maintaining strong reputations for businesses and organizations.

Outsourced IT Manager

Managing internal IT teams, external IT vendors and complex IT solutions is an ongoing challenge for most businesses.

IT Procurement Services

Businesses often find themselves overwhelmed by the range of choices when they have to procure IT assets. Do you need to procure and configure a server, printer, laptop etc.?

IT Strategic Consulting Services & Support

IT strategy is increasingly integral to the growth and success of your business. Barizi Communications will help you optimise and implement an effective and transformative IT strategy.

Who we are

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Barizi communications provides bespoke IT services to businesses in Kenya.

With our expert advice and specialized skillset, we’ll provide the right technology platforms, guidance, and support that align with your business goals. We partner with you to ensure your unique IT needs are taken care of well into the future.

Our services include Software development, UI-UX design services, Cloud and Connectivity solutions, Cybersecurity, IT consultancy, IT project management, Infrastructure management and IT maintenance & support services.

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